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Erotic Sensual Massages For Women - Sydney's 1-Hour Hotel Climax Massage For Busy Females

Classy Discreet Professional & Safe

You're about to experience the intensity and pleasure of a Mind Throbbing Orgasms with our Sensual Erotic Climax Massage For Women

What Does The Erotic Stimulating Sensual Touch Session Involve

A 1-hour Tension Release Erotic Stimulating and Sensual Touch massage service for women is an ideal option for a woman seeking a naughty quick fix.

This type of service is perfect for any woman who is short on time and faced with ahectic schedule that demands all her time and those women who are deprived of having intimacy and pleasure. The Executive Climax Massage For Women is a 60-minute erotic, sensual massage session that is a wonderful way for you to receive touch, pleasure, and to release sexual tension and frustration.

This type of session comprises of 30 minutes of light bodywork touching to the body (calves, thighs, buttocks, back, shoulders, stomach and breasts), followed by 30 minutes of intimate arousal, erotic touch that may bring you to orgasms.

The Benefits of The Executive Climax Massage For Women

The climax massages for women has advantages and benefits. You may experience& be able to:

1.Awaken new sensations sexual pleasures and discover new sensations.
2.Connect with your feminine sexual, sensual energy.
3.You will experience a variety of different types of orgasm excluding the clitoral and G-spot.
4.You will be more connected and have a greater satisfying sexual energy with your yoni.
5.Unblock and release stored tension, metal tension, and stress.


The sensual yoni massage session is to help you to tap into you femininity.


Each experience and outcome will be special and unique. Depending on the starting point, some women may experience notable effects immediately, whilst others may require several sessions to truly and fully awaken themselves.

Discreet, Safe & Confidential

1.Experience a unique hands-on approach to your personal pleasures, where the focus is on you.
2.Sessions conducted in a non-judgmental atmosphere of trust, professionalism and respect. All limits respected at all times.
3.Located in a safe, clean, convenient in a Hotel in the Sydney CBD